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is a first Croatian manufacturer of double wall corrugated HDPE pipes (high density polyethylene). The firm is founded as a joint-venture by two companies: ALPRO-ATT and DROSSSBACH, located in Trogir and its pipe production is based on special technic of co-extrusion.

This kind of technology provides top quality products – double wall pipe, smooth inside and corrugated outside with excellent mechanical and isolation characteristics and wide possibility of application as protection, drainage or conduct pipe; in bars or rolls. Most common use is cable protection and  its mechanical and isolation characteristics- according to a standard EN 50086-1 and 2-4, and DIN 4262-1. Pipes are also known as: Profiled double wall pipes, corrugated pipes, cable protection pipes or pipes for cable protection, and different manufacturers name them differently: KORUHARD, KORUFLEX, KORUHARD®, KORUFLEX®, KABUFLEX®, STRABUSIL®, HEKAPLAST®, DUOHARD®, DUOFLEX®, CORRUGAR®, DRENOCOR®, NOVOTUB®, ARGOKOR®, ARGOFLEX®, KORUDRAIN®...

Concerning this, AL-COR production pipe program is divided on :
KABUPLAST - protection and ducting pipes  (protection, wiring, laying different purpose cables: energetic, light, signal, communication, control etc.)
AGROPLAST and AGROSIL 2500 – drainage and drain pipes (agriculture and building  drainage)
AIROBIN - ventilation pipes  (ventilation and airing inside and outside buildings)
ANKER - pipes for anchoring elements protection
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Polyethilene double wall cable protection pipes KABUPLAST


Polyethilene double wall drainage pipes AGROPLAST


Polyetilene double wall drainage pipes AGROSIL 2500

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